Visitor – Coming Home//RNB

The guys from the London-bred synth-pop band Visitor sent along the first two cuts from their imminent Coming Home//RNB EP. Chalked full of crazy remixes, it looks like a promising release. Listen to the dreamy, disco-leaning singles below, via the band’s Soundcloud:

Dnte – Mystic EP

Berlin-based artist Dnte just sent over his new Mystic EP. Listen to and download it for free at his bandcamp.

And here’s a video for one of his older tracks, “Could We Dance”:

Dnte – Could We dance.

WHY? – Mumps, etc. and Sod in the Seed

WHY? finally announced the release of their new album. It’s called Mumps, etc. and is coming out on Anticon on October 8th. A preview of it:


And their new EP, Sod in the Seed, is coming out August 14th. See the artwork and listen to the title track below.

Spreading Threads of Thunder Over Me: Purtity Ring – Fineshrine (Music Video)

Saw Purity Ring in Brooklyn last night as they opened for Wye Oak and Dirty Projectors in Prospect Park. They frocked. I’m anxious to see the buzz that their album gets when it’s released later this month.

Here’s the band’s newest video for their single, “Fineshrine.”

Listen closely, closely to the floor,
Emitting all its graces through the ṗores.
You’d make a fine shrine in me.
You’ll build a fine shrine in me.

Promises of No More Empty Promises: Jens Lekman – Erika America (Music Video)

A bald, grungy Jens in a drab building singing a song about heartbreak: sounds about right.

I can’t wait for this album. I Know What Love Isn’t out this fall.

Favorites of 2012 So Far

Favorite Albums:
1. Lambchop – Mr. M

2. Ab-Soul – Control System

3. Beach House – Bloom

Favorite Music Videos:
1. Grimes – “Oblivion”

2. Mr. Muthafuckin’ Esquire – “The Last Huzzah”

3. EL-P – “The Full Retard”

Upcoming Releases to be the most excited about:
1. Animal Collective – Centipede HZ
2. Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t
3. Grizzly Bear – TBA

Bison- Switzerland


Considering how old the folk genre is, it is important to note how difficult it is for bands to sound new and original, while still conforming to the folky, twangy set. However, Bison- a strange would-be love-child of Fleet Foxes, the Decemberists (old school, not Long Live the King), and the Arcade Fire, has a completely fresh, highly energetic feel to it, while retaining that time-tested folky feel.

Shel: the best kept secret of Fort Collins, CO

These beautiful sisters have been in my list of favorites for a while now. SHEL is an acronym derived from the names of the four sisters in the band. All of these girls are classically trained musicians, and have been playing as a family since 2005. Their music is original and modern, with large classical overtones. Their liberal use of the folk-classical genre really makes this group very diverse in sound, and fun to listen to!

Listed on their website is some fantastic merchandise- and some rather peculiar “services” for purchase, including a dinner prepared for you and a friend by the girls, accompanied with a private concert. Also, for $80, they will give you 50 embarrassing facts about the girls. Can’t beat that price. Check em out here:

Although the girls produce some very beautiful, original tunes, their cover of Battle of Evermore by the Zepplin is one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

Electric Guest’s self-titled LP is truly a masterpiece. The light-hearted album gleams with giddiness with every tune and can’t stop but shake your hips and put a grin on your face.

While their single from the album “This Head I Hold” demonstrates the catchiness and disco style of Electric Guest, it is a necessity to listen to the album as a whole, because it’s truly remarkable.

Blackmill – Miracle

Blackmill – Miracle
While I generally leave dubstep to the clubs, Blackmill’s melodic, downtempo approach to the genre leaves me relaxed yet energized, as their breaks are (while definitely “dubsteppy”) very calm, instead of ear-shattering and overly chaotic.
Enjoy Blackmill’s Miracle on this truly remarkable video that takes one through the most amazing views of NYC.