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  1. Sok says :

    I found this good quality sleevepicture of Walter Carlos’ Switched-O Bach, on the net, thank you for posting it. What a nice and interesting blog you have.
    Keep up the good work.

    Since you give several facts, I suggest a few improvements. It’s not the original sleeve on your blog. (I bought it i ’69 in Holland and still own it) The original didn’t show Carlos’ name on the front at all. It was on the back in rather small print. She changed her name some time before she changed her gender (in 72 I think), from Carlos to Wendy. That was years after the album. So, if you use the picture with the name Wendy, I suggest you call her ‘she”, or use the historical sleeve and Carlos’ name and call him ‘he’.

    I doubt if this album made such an moog-influence on popmusic: the moog was simultaneously introduced/used in several european popbands, in large parts by classical trained pianoplayers, but probably just in serendipity. The Swtched-on Bach album took at least a year to get to europe and did very little here the first years. Most record businesses that sold it where classical oriented and mistook it for a classical CBS record. They didn’t make that mistake twice, usually. I had to travel halfway across the country to buy it.

    The main influence before the moog came from the hammond organ, and the electric piano, the moog wasn’t common until around 1973, when they started melting in, in big stands of several claviers.

    Before that, it was great to record, if you could afford the studio time, but totally unpractical on the stage. For reasons you ention yourself, and sevral more.
    Besides that, lots of musicians reconstruct their influences afterwards to something interesting sounding, wich it probably wasn’t at the time.

    It’s probably totally uncool to say all this, but it was my absolute first and forever treasured album, and I’m way to old to be cool. But your first love never dies, does it ?

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