Archive | September 2012

Grizzly Bear – Shields

It’s here. It’s finally here! The long awaited fourth album from the highly experimental indie-pop group Grizzly Bear has finally arrived. A distinct change in style can be found in this album, that is, a cleaner focus on lyricism, and (since there are only 10 songs) more concise, leaner tracks. Fret not GB fans, the kaleidoscopically-textured psychadelia that Griz is known and loved for is still ever-present in this charming album.

The album officialy released September 18th, but it has been made specially available (right now!) for our dedicated readers here.

The xx- Coexist (Leak)

So everyone remembers the charming, first LP from the minimalist rock duo The xx, yeah? Well, the sexy, head-bobbing, melancholy two are back with a stunningly gorgeous LP that makes for good (lovin’) music, fun when you’re feelin’ blue, and just all-around a great listen! The duo has expanded on the “dancey” nature of their first album and utilize drum machines and samples in this second LP to deliver a more “housey” feel. Pure magic. Discover the love 5 days before the official release here.