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Four Tet- Pink

ImageFour Tet has long been described as an eclectic producer, with his musical style changing significantly from album to album, however his new album “Pink” is certainly the most different than all of his other work. While still holding a highly erratic, chaotic feel, what could most often be described in his earlier work as “elevator music/IDM”, has shifted far more to the IDM/House side, and the results are invigorating. Enjoy Four Tet’s new album here.

MadGibbs – Shame (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid)

Gibbs’ guttural flow + Madlib’s production = Amazing.

And the video: lonely girls parade through Gibbs’ place as he wines and dines, hits (sometimes literally) and quits them all.

From their MadGibbs collab. One of my favorite tracks of the year so far.

Visitor – Coming Home//RNB

The guys from the London-bred synth-pop band Visitor sent along the first two cuts from their imminent Coming Home//RNB EP. Chalked full of crazy remixes, it looks like a promising release. Listen to the dreamy, disco-leaning singles below, via the band’s Soundcloud:

Dnte – Mystic EP

Berlin-based artist Dnte just sent over his new Mystic EP. Listen to and download it for free at his bandcamp.

And here’s a video for one of his older tracks, “Could We Dance”:

Dnte – Could We dance.

WHY? – Mumps, etc. and Sod in the Seed

WHY? finally announced the release of their new album. It’s called Mumps, etc. and is coming out on Anticon on October 8th. A preview of it:


And their new EP, Sod in the Seed, is coming out August 14th. See the artwork and listen to the title track below.