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Khotin is the new project from Dylan Khotin-Foote, the dude behind HAPPY TRENDY. Khotin is cut from the same cloth as his other band, though this new project is more electronic and sample-based in nature. Listen to two cuts from the Khotin Soundcloud below.

Spreading Threads of Thunder Over Me: Purtity Ring – Fineshrine (Music Video)

Saw Purity Ring in Brooklyn last night as they opened for Wye Oak and Dirty Projectors in Prospect Park. They frocked. I’m anxious to see the buzz that their album gets when it’s released later this month.

Here’s the band’s newest video for their single, “Fineshrine.”

Listen closely, closely to the floor,
Emitting all its graces through the ṗores.
You’d make a fine shrine in me.
You’ll build a fine shrine in me.