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Earth- Angels of Darknesss, Demons of Light



Earth is an epic-fantasy doom-metal group that produces albums which tell lyric-less stories through instrumentals. Earth’s most ambitious and masterful album yet is the two-part “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light,” which guides the listener through a dangerous, nature-like soundscape that at times makes one truly feel like Mother Earth is making the sounds, not the guitars. Listen to the final track of this album here.

Oddlogic – Postcard from 1952


Alex Gohorel (Oddlogic) is an 18 year old that left the “real-world” career path and quit college to play music full time. His passion for beats can be heard deep in the excited, almost frantic, deeply-layered tracks of Oddlogic.

Oddlogic is a rising artist from the recent Brooklyn-based post.dubstep/electronic centered recording studio, Outlier Recordings. Most of the music on Outlier’s website can be downloaded for free, including much of Oddlogics work.

“Postcard from 1952” is an Explosions in the Sky rework, and while the original song can certainly be discerned, it is heavily manipulated, producing an entirely new, breathtakingly beautiful song. Download for free here.



Great new EP from Bellingham’s Beachesbeaches. Listen below and download it for free.

Still Corners

Saw Still Corners a few nights ago opening for EMA. I was blown away by their set.


After first hearing about Bedroom, a (you guessed it) solo bedroom recording project from 16 year old Noah Kittinger from Nashville, I couldn’t tell if the name was some kind of tongue-in-cheek commentary on lo-fi bedroom projects that take themselves all too seriously (song names like “Nostalgic Feel” and “Falling” support this argument), or itself one of those projects with a straightforward, uncompromising title. After listening to his debut EP, Toys, though, I didn’t care. There’s no question about the sincerity underlying these songs.

There’s nothing too innovative about Bedroom’s bedroom music: he makes quiet (check), reverb-heavy (check), Youth Lagoon-like (double check) ballads. Plainly put: he just does it really well.

Listen to the EP below. And download it here.

And here’s the video for “Trees.”


Dnte is a Hungarian electronic artist living in Berlin. He began by making beats for hip-hop artists before moving on to a solo career; this path is evident in the juxtaposition of classical samples and tinny, resistant beats of his music.

His inaugral EP, Wake Me Up, was released last year on Resistant Mindz. Listen to it below, via the Dnte bandcamp:

And visit his soundcloud for remixes and free downloads.

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

My shamelessly favorite music-video trend of the year? Enigmatic girls dancing wildly by themselves. Add another one to the list – Here We Go Magic’s “How Do I Know.” Their new album, A Different Ship, comes out Tuesday on Secretly Canadian.

Face + Heel

Put another nickel in the “experimental electronic boy-girl duo” jar. Face + Heel is a droning, minimalist band from Cardiff, Wales, comprised of Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan. Their first EP, No Stars, comes out tomorrow on the newly-formed Warm Records.

And check out two spacey videos from their live set below: