Brown and Blue – You Only Wanted Strength

Brown & Blue – You Only Wanted Strength.

From Brown and Blue’s Danny Nogueiras:

We have been a band since 2006 and this new video is for a 7″ single we just released on Long Beach, California’s Mountain Man Records ( The video is directed by Ryan Baxley…and we think it came out really great. The 7″ means a lot to us; it’s our first release since I moved from Long Beach – where we did well as a local band and had a tight knit strong community built up – to Highland Park, Los Angeles. Since the move it feels a lot like starting over. Ricky and I (Vocals/guitar, Lead Guitar/Back up vocals, respectively) started this band when were in high school together and so many years later it still feels fun, freeing, and like the most honest thing I’ve ever done. The song is about denial and my inability to be honest. I think it’s about being desperately in need of help and making sure no one who you know would help you finds out.

You can get Brown and Blue’s music for free here.

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