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Heart of Hearts

Heart of Hearts is a solo bedroom-pop project by Greg Hatem from Baltimore. With songs hidden behind layers of effects, he creates dark moods and ominous, “Frankie Teardrop”-esque atmospherics. He just released a new song called “Love of Pearls” via his soundcloud page. Listen to it and others below.

Download: Titus Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1

On Monday, the bona-fide New Jersey punk, beard-grower extraordinaire and Titus Andronicus front man Patrick Stickles released via his band’s tumblr the Titus Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1. The mixtape is a collection of rare covers, live performances, demos, and bits of off-handed on-stage banter that often sound more like the ramblings of a drunk man on a train than the between-songs chit-chat of any normal band. But Stickles would be the first to admit that he and his band aren’t going for “normal.”

The mixtape captures the same energy that makes the band’s live show so unbelievable. And it’s free.

See the tracklist and download it here.

Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela is an Italian illustrator, painter, photographer, and collage artist, among other things. He has been an active presence in the international underground art scene for years now, creating distinct, dreamlike (or nightmarish) portraits with what seems like anything he can get his hands on. His mixed-medium work is weird and wacky and won’t be confused with any other artist’s work anytime soon. Or ever.

Check out his equally wacky website here.

Brown and Blue – You Only Wanted Strength

Brown & Blue – You Only Wanted Strength.

From Brown and Blue’s Danny Nogueiras:

We have been a band since 2006 and this new video is for a 7″ single we just released on Long Beach, California’s Mountain Man Records ( The video is directed by Ryan Baxley…and we think it came out really great. The 7″ means a lot to us; it’s our first release since I moved from Long Beach – where we did well as a local band and had a tight knit strong community built up – to Highland Park, Los Angeles. Since the move it feels a lot like starting over. Ricky and I (Vocals/guitar, Lead Guitar/Back up vocals, respectively) started this band when were in high school together and so many years later it still feels fun, freeing, and like the most honest thing I’ve ever done. The song is about denial and my inability to be honest. I think it’s about being desperately in need of help and making sure no one who you know would help you finds out.

You can get Brown and Blue’s music for free here.

I See You On a Dark Night: Grimes – Oblivion (Music Video)

Watch as Grimes’ Claire Boucher dances amid groups of rowdy, shirtless men at a football game, a motorcycle show, a locker room and a living room covered in oil in easily the best video of the year so far. Directed by Emily Kai Bock.

Take a look at Grimes’ 4AD page too.

Andrew Bird – “Break it Yourself”

The musical genius that brought a new meaning to classical fusion is back with a fresh new album. Like all of Andrew Bird’s releases, “Break it Yourself” is no exception to his high standard of perfection and excellence. “Break it Yourself” shows Bird’s serious side both musically and lyrically, however this thoughtful melancholy does not overwhelm Bird’s rambunctious, playful melodies. This album is truly magnificent, and can be listened to in its entirety here.