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In a word: Possessed.
Two instruments, one man, and a freaky loop-producing tribal mask. This wild combination defines Gull’s (Nathaniel Rappole) incredibly unique and seemingly impossible style of making music. His sounds are minimal/progressive in nature, but overwhelming in intensity and spirit. For those with a short attention span, skip to 16:00 in video to see his talent at it’s finest.

Gull played a short show at Hampshire Halloween last friday, and really got the crowd riled up. Truly spectacular live performance artist.

Phantogram – Nightlife EP

Phantogram’s new EP, Nightlife, has the band moving in a new, more sample-driven direction, but it stays true to the same paradigm that the band has developed into its signature sound: sharp, melody-focused music that never gets old.

Download the EP in its entirety here.

Sepalcure – I’m Alright

Sepalcure released the B-side from their upcoming LP, “Pencil Pimp.” The Brooklyn based duo combine tribal dub, 90’s soulful house and UK bass. Enjoy their B side here – Im Alright.mp3

Flashing Red Lights – Faster Horses EP

Though tighter and more beat-based than the Various Success I’ve Had EP, Flashing Red Lights’ new EP, Faster Horses is no less sincere or engaging. It features the same spontaneity and sprawling dreaminess that made the last one such a special release. Not to mention Slevin’s articulate drone, which is showcased even more on this new collection of songs. Listen to it. Love it. Pass it on.

Download it for free here: Flashing Red Lights’ Bandcamp

Skeleton Zoo – Bon Voyage (Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

This new Ol’ Dirty Bastard remix sets the rapper’s rough staccato lyrics on top of an ethereal, string-laden sound scape of samples. The song is a constant push and pull as the sweet, beating background stands at odds with ODB’s gritty gangster rap. But it works. The tension grabs you, holds you there listening as it builds and builds before it drops out completely and lets you go. Meanwhile, you’re left there wondering what just happened.

Listen to and download this new song from Skeleton Zoo here: Skeleton Zoo Bandcamp

Hey Rosetta! – Bandages (Music Video)

Hey Rosetta! – Bandages.

The sweetest, most sincere music video I’ve seen in a long time. It will put you in a different place.