Houses – Reds (Music Video)


An appropriately slippery music video for a band whose music is just as precious and ephemeral as a city made of ice. Houses’ brand of soft bedroom-pop seems to come from the saddest, sweetest impulses, the feeling that life is far from perfect and that, ultimately, that’s okay. There’s a wisdom to their music, a subtle authority in their message. The juxtaposition of hushed vocals and steady, yet capricious beats works to put you in a certain place, gives you a kind of stop-and-smell-the-roses mood, makes you think about your little life both before and after the moment you pressed play.

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One response to “Houses – Reds (Music Video)”

  1. Steve Goodwin says :

    these guys are in the process of making a music video for devil’s lettuce. no joke!

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