Tuesday, Sept. 12th was “Chillwave Day”

Toro y Moi’s new album “Freaking Out” and Neon Indian’s “Era Extrana” were released last Tuesday. These poster boys of the 2010-2011 ‘chillwave’ movement demonstrate how the trad has evolved.

Neon Indian’s new album resembles “Psychic Chasms” in its use of warped disco sounds, but seems to have taken a necessary, mature evolution by putting more emphasis on pleasant sounding melodies than in his first album. The album is relatively short (42 minutes) which allows just enough time for each song to develop and end. “Polish Girl”, “Era Extrana” and “Suns Irrupt” deserves thorough listens.

Toro y Moi’s new album has the same upbeat, funkadelic, easy-going attitude as in his first album, but (like Neon Indian), seems to have matured greatly (musically, not lyrically). His songs are shorter and more to the point, but still inspire goofy dancing and no-stress.

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