Shabazz Palaces

So the best way I can describe these guys is: sandwiches. Specifically in regards to their production technique, which is fairly original in the world of hip-hop. Essentially they lay a simple(ish) beat, MC over that, then a completely different melody/rhythm takes front stage over the rapping. The product is a fine mixture of techno/post-dubstep and indie-gangster hip-hop. This video is a bit strange, but it demonstrates the twisted experimental attitude of the group.

2 responses to “Shabazz Palaces”

  1. Skeleton Zoo (@skeletonzoo) says :

    yeah this is by far my favorite shabazz palaces track, and it’s not on the album

  2. Skeleton Zoo (@skeletonzoo) says :

    oh wait, should have watched that vid all the way through. The song it starts off with is a whole track in itself (“a mess…”), it fades it out part of the way in but that’s the one I was talking about, I didn’t know the other one but it’s also mad chill. great video

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