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Bon Iver – Holocene (Music Video)

BON IVER “Holocene”.

A beautifully shot music video for one of the many standout tracks on their self-titled album released earlier this year. Filmed in Iceland, the video follows a precocious boy around the breathtaking countryside. Once again, Justin Vernon proves that he can do no wrong.

Skeleton Zoo – The Busride EP

Check out the “post-elevator music” of SAS’ friends, Skeleton Zoo, and their newly released EP, “The Busride EP.” With melodic sampling and dub-influenced drums, moody swells and dark themes, Skeleton Zoo captures all the beautiful chaos of modern music making.Download their EP for free here.

The Cover art was designed by yours truly, in conjunction with the boys of Skeleton Zoo. (Check out the original collage below.)

Take a look at the Skeleton Zoo Tumblr too.

Interview with Pandit (From Think or Smile)

“Everyone sees and interprets art in a different manner. I don’t think anyone ever really sees the same thing. If that is the case, then it just isn’t that interesting….I believe everyone takes what they see or create and interprets it completely different than what anyone else might relate it to. That to me is very special. Its yours. If no one else has that same interpretation, its your own belief. You control it.” – Pandit

Click here to take a look at the whole interview with the woeful troubadour, Pandit, on Think or Smile.

The End of Summer

Because the summer’s almost over.

Bob Hicok – Epithalamium

A bee in the field. The house on the mountain

reveals itself to have been there through summer.

It’s not a bee but a horse eating frosted grass

in the yawn light. Secrets, the anguish of smoke

above the chimney as it shreds what it’s learned

of fire. The horse has moved, it’s not a horse

but a woman doing the stations of the cross

with a dead baby in her arms. The anguish of the house

as it reveals smoke to the mountain. A woman

eating cold grass in Your name, shredding herself

like fire. The woman has stopped, it’s not a woman

but smoke on its knees keeping secrets in what it reveals.

The everything has moved, it’s not everything

but a shredding of the anguish of names. The marriage

of light: particle to wave. Do you take? I do.