New Ceath Dab for Butie!

Hey Indie kids, remember when you listened to Coldplay, wore shorts that were way too small, combed your hair and hated anyone who played football or had made-out? Well, I do. Then something wonderful happened. Something that changed me not only on the inside, but the outside too. When I first heard “Soul Meets Body” by some emo band, I decided that my nerd days were over. I started wearing moderately-skinny jeans, flannel button-ups and grew my hair out. I’d bet a lot of you did the same… Taylor. Well, that emo band is still around, and still converting nerdy Jr. High kids to moderately cool adults. Check out the new video by Death Cab For Cutie, and you’ll see that they still have the magic.

One response to “New Ceath Dab for Butie!”

  1. Lisa says :

    Oh, how I love the smell of new Death Cab songs in the morning : ]

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