New Bibio Album to Release Tomorrow! (March 29th)

That’s right folks, it’s almost here. Our favorite folk-tronic Brit is set to release his new album titled “Mind Bokeh.” I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Mind (Boquet), judging by the colorful/psychadelic/flower’s in your head album artwork. But, he’s British, so no one really knows (but if you do know, and you’re British/attractive/single/female, send your phone # and photo to my address).

Anyway… Mind Bokeh at first listen sounds like a schizophrenic tromp through the 1960’s-2010’s. Bibio’s style/influences seem to be all over the map, ranging from Dubstepesque in “Excuses,” to 80’s pop in “Pretentious” and even a bit of psy-funkadelia can be found in “Light Sleep.” But whatever genre you’re into, Bibio promises to please all with his incredible style-twisting sounds. As for the lyrical content of “Mind Bokeh,” Bibio takes us beyond his conventional  heavily distorted/vocoder vocals and reveals his true voice and true thoughts about life, love and whatever the hell he feels like talking about (Listen to “Take Off Your Shirt” for all of these things).

Check out  Anything New

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