Archive | February 2011

New Okkervil River Album

Okkervil River announced the release of their new album, I Am Very Far, coming out on May 10. The first single released from the album, a beautifully dark and cryptic ballad called “Mermaid”, has the bookish band in top form, led once again by the lyrical brilliance of Will Sheff.

Okkervil River – Mermaid

Secret Cities

A band that is as novel as the city that it hails from – Fargo, North Dakota – Secret Cities presents a brand of methodically electrical bedroom-folk. Their first album, Pink Graffiti, is rich in influence and dripping with diverse sounds, running the indie gamut, from moody Trip Hop to bare bones folk to dark dance beats and everything in between.

Secret Cities – Pink Graffiti pt. 1

Wye Oak

A band that tricks you into thinking it plays only the softest of songs – slow, simple chords and extended organ lulls – then pummels you with noise and distortion and the aural embodiment of countless garage-rock influences: Wye Oak. They’re one part Beach House, one part Pavement, and one part something totally beyond categorization. They’re currently on opening up for The Decemberists, and their new album, Civilian, is coming out in March on Merge.

Wye Oak – Civilian