We Are Trees

Chances are, if you’ve heard of this band you’ve heard them described as the band that sounds like Grizzly Bear; and it’s true, they do bear (nope Hun in ten did) a stylistic closeness to the Brooklyn band, especially in the timbre of lead-singer James Nee’s voice – it sounds uncannily like Daniel Rosen. However, that’s not to say that We Are Trees is at all unoriginal. They may be cut from the same experimental-bedroom-folk cloth, but they are nonetheless strikingly distinct.

The deliberate down-strokes and rhythmic patterns of the acoustic guitars, paired with the regular pounding of the drums (void of the bass drum), drives the songs, sets the mood. Layered vocals and snippets of strings add to the effect, complementing the ambiguous lyrics nicely. However, it’s the unpredictable structure of the songs that proves to be the most alluring. It’s bedroom folk, tinged with the mystery of experimental indie rock, colored with hi-fi production and the meticulousness of depth and density in the recordings. We Are Trees can only be described as an experience; and one certainly worth checking out.

We Are Trees – Sunrise Sunset

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