Love 2 Promises Sexy Nights

Voulez-vous faire l’amour à l’air (do you want to make love to Air)? If one plans to travel to France any time soon, this is a must know phrase. The new Air album Love 2 simply drips with sexiness. Tip your berets off to Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, who have once again created a masterful, highly ephemeral album. Air’s electro-dream pop style has been highly acclaimed since Premier Symptomes, 1997.

So, what’s so different about this album? Les hommes decided that their labels studio vas tootally boiteux (lame), and decided to build their own studio. Totally seperated from whiny producers and the pressure of due dates, Air was able to create something entirely free and unique.

Upbeat, space-fi tracks dosed with soothing, romantic vocals makes Love 2 quite possibly France’s sexiest album since Celine Dion. Listen to in a room filled with candles and let the harmonies carry you off on a cloud.

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