High Places and Weird Noises

OK, so.The hot candy-cane chick/neo-hippie way-too-old-for-her-boyfriend music duo isn’t anything new (White Stripes, Johnny Cash/June Carter, Crystal Castles, to name a few). What makes High Places different from these other bands is their seemingly contradictory styles. It’s like mashing up a Miley Cyrus song with a Notorious B.I.G. song; twistedly delirous, but totally awesome.

High Places mesh soft, far-away vocals with break-beat natural percussion. “From Stardust to Sentience” is one of those highly transient songs that one might see in an emotionally packed, slow-mo fly-by scene in an alt-film. The bands ability to mesh seemingly distinct and different sounds demonstrates itself in “On Giving Up.” A driving, phasered bass line meets a reverbed, wah-ed out opera voice. Complete with freaky atmospheric noise that one could only guess what it is. Take a magic carpet ride with these awkward love-birds.

From Stardust to Sentience.mp3

On Giving Up.mp3

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