How to Dress Well

An inscrutable mixture of eerie DIY electronic soundscapes and the soulful falsetto of a folkie, How to Dress Well gives is the most intriguing thing I’ve heard in a while. The juxtaposition of new and old, the clashing of genres, the mysteriousness of the musician himself – it’s an exercise in true indie innovation.  HTDW sounds like a mix between Bon Iver and Animal Collective, with bold shades of vintage R&B.

A voice of a sad-eyed soul singer, How to Dress Well was born from the experiments of enigmatic Brooklyn resident, Tom Krell. Rough, sampled, and blatantly bedroom lo-fi, the beautiful ambient sounds build a perfect background. And with Krell’s nasally voice floating over top, it feels at times more like an art project than band.

HTDW has released a series of progressively independent EP’s – all worth checking out – but his full album, titled Love Remains, is the standout of his work. It plays out like a long, continuous 70’s pop song, skewed and turned on its head several unpredictable times over.

In the increasingly crowded world of experimental electronic bands, How to Dress Well carves out a unique place. Strikingly stylish and personal, and grounded in the underground, this band could be the next best band you’ve never heard of.

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