Perfume Genius


Obligatory introduction time: My name is Pants. I like music.

Perfume Genius creates beautiful (s)lo-fi bedroom ballads, sitting behind a piano, singing wearily about tragic things. The subjects of his songs are cryptic and open-ended, but are all the more heartbreaking for this very reason. The music behind the voice is gorgeous in its simplicity, often following a plain, four-chord progression interlaced with all the right minor breaks. The juxtaposition of his repetitive piano lines with his delicate voice and broken poetry brings to mind Sufjan Stevens and the Antlers; but with Hadreas’ unrelenting sincerity, his delivery feels refreshingly unique. His songs are something to be heard: they’re sad and they’re bleak, and they’re beautiful.

Perfume Genius – Look Out, Look Out.mp3

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