First Post!! (Alec)

Mmmmmmm…… taking Shy Anne’s blog post virginity feels good…

I guess I should do introductions. I go by the name Alec Trenica. I like dogs, climbing, chicks with brains, fat tire, and the occasional stroll through downtown Wyoming (har har).

Music intoxicates me. That low, eaaasy beat and launch-your-head-to-space synths and licks get me hot. I like anything that gets that club hoppin’, booty boppin’,  sugar pill poppin’, go ’till morning ya ain’t no stoppin’ groooove. Always danceable, usually upbeat, 100% indietronica is my jam.

To start, here’s a little blast from the 2003; year of the shady lighthouse.

Jeff McIlwain, a.k.a. Lusine, has been producing high quality ambient tracks since he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a degree in 20th century electronic music in 1998. Needless to say, this guy is a seasoned veteran in electronic music.

Deep beats, booming bass, spacey, micro-sampled vocals and flowing, downtempo melodies make up the track “Dr Chinme” from the album “Condensed.” This track shows Lusine’s ability to be both introspective and calm, but with dance/house overtones. Play this track on really fat speakers or ridiculously large headphones.

Here’s the track.

Lusine-Dr Chinme.mp3


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