Purity Ring – Belispeak II (ft. Danny Brown)

I’ve listened to this several times, and still it makes no sense. Nevertheless, it’s amazing.

Grizzly Bear – Shields

It’s here. It’s finally here! The long awaited fourth album from the highly experimental indie-pop group Grizzly Bear has finally arrived. A distinct change in style can be found in this album, that is, a cleaner focus on lyricism, and (since there are only 10 songs) more concise, leaner tracks. Fret not GB fans, the kaleidoscopically-textured psychadelia that Griz is known and loved for is still ever-present in this charming album.

The album officialy released September 18th, but it has been made specially available (right now!) for our dedicated readers here.

The xx- Coexist (Leak)

So everyone remembers the charming, first LP from the minimalist rock duo The xx, yeah? Well, the sexy, head-bobbing, melancholy two are back with a stunningly gorgeous LP that makes for good (lovin’) music, fun when you’re feelin’ blue, and just all-around a great listen! The duo has expanded on the “dancey” nature of their first album and utilize drum machines and samples in this second LP to deliver a more “housey” feel. Pure magic. Discover the love 5 days before the official release here.

Four Tet- Pink

ImageFour Tet has long been described as an eclectic producer, with his musical style changing significantly from album to album, however his new album “Pink” is certainly the most different than all of his other work. While still holding a highly erratic, chaotic feel, what could most often be described in his earlier work as “elevator music/IDM”, has shifted far more to the IDM/House side, and the results are invigorating. Enjoy Four Tet’s new album here.

MadGibbs – Shame (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid)

Gibbs’ guttural flow + Madlib’s production = Amazing.

And the video: lonely girls parade through Gibbs’ place as he wines and dines, hits (sometimes literally) and quits them all.

From their MadGibbs collab. One of my favorite tracks of the year so far.